Product Range : Powders, Granules, Spices, Soups, Yeast, Desserts, Detergents, Pharmaceuticals and Agricultural powders / Granules, Tea, Tobacco, Pan Masala, Coffee, Shampoo, Creams, Ketchups, Sauces, Hair oil.

Pouch Size : Width from 25mm to 120mm Length from 50 mm to 160mm.

Capacity : 1gm to 100gm.

Output: 30 to 100 packs / minute.

General Information : A Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine for producing 3/4 side or centre sealed sachets handling all types of free flowing powders / granules & liquids like hair oil or shampoos. the machine is offered in two types viz bush based or floating type. In the floating machine all the moving parts are on high quality bearings and thus the sealing quality of the pouch is highly improved also it avoids any lubrication system and so the machine becomes maintenance free. The machine speed is infinitely controlled from 0 - 95 cycles / minute. Single reel film laminate stock reel feed. Max. reel dia. 400 m/m on 76 m/m core Product dosing by cup filler. All parts in contact with the product are high quality stainless steel. Sealing dies gear operated. With complete pressure and temperature control on sachet seal area. Note: Special machines are available for bottle shape pouches, flat bottle pouches with pick and place arrangement. These pouches can be of laminates or of virgin materials.

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