Auger Filler is a versatile powder filling machine for dosing free flowing as well as non free flowing powders, like Pharmaceutical powders, Chemical powders, Talcum powder, Pesticide powder, Ground spices, Ground Coffee, Flours, Milk powder etc.
The machine operates on the principle of POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT SCREW operating under constant head.
The precisely designed Auger displaces the product through funnel into the pouch/ container held under the funnel. The filling cycle is controlled by an Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake unit or an Electronic Auger with frequency drive for very high accuracy can also be provided. Microdoser can be provided for very small grammages & Jumbo Auger for big grammages.

Specifications :
Capacity 10 gms. to 1000 gms.
Machine Hopper 35 Litres.
Net Weight 225 Kgs.
Power 1H.P, 3 Phase, 440 V. 50 Hz. (Single phase drive on request)
Overall Dimensions 1100 mm Length, 700 mm Width, 1700 mm Height.
Operating Speed 15 to 25 fills per minutes depending upon pack size & mode of packing.
Capability to handle wide range of products & pack sizes.
Easy changeover for different products and packsizes.
All contact parts are made from S.S. 304 Modular construction assists maintenance & cleanliness.

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